Something to Wag About

Something to Wag About, a holistic grooming salon, is opening at 350 Bar Harbor Road in Trenton!

How our salon works is, all dogs get dropped off between the hours of 7am - 9am and get picked up by the order of when they are dropped off unless you specifically need them back at a certain time. The reason we do this is so we aren’t rushed with your dog, it allows them to be less stressed and they normally nap while they are drying.

Another service we will be offering is one on one appointments, where you can come in with your dog and be apart of the whole experience. This will be one Saturday a month, with an additional fee of $30. These appointments are designed for nervous pet owners that do not feel comfortable dropping their dogs off.

“Did you know according to the American Animal Hospital Association that 25% more pets could have been saved if only one pet first aid technique was applied prior to veterinary treatment!”

Your pet's health is our FIRST concern. Every single time you walk into the salon, your dog will be looked over to see if there are any changes that you might not have noticed. We will look at their eyes, ears, gums, we will look all over their body for new skin tags, moles, cuts, dry skin, fleas, ticks, etc.

Open Monday through Friday - Please bring your rabies vaccination record for nail trims.
350 Bar Harbor Road, Trenton, ME, USA