Maine Shellfish Co., Inc.

The abundant source of fresh seafood and world class food service operations throughout the State of Maine are serviced by our locations in Ellsworth, ME and Kennebunk, ME. Live lobsters, steamers, fresh soft shell frying clams, Maine shrimp, local scallops, fresh lobster meat and custom cut fresh fillets are only a few of the signature items we offer.

Our fleet of trucks will deliver directly to your food service operation or retail market our full line of shrimp, fish fillets, scallops, live lobsters, soups, oysters, mussels, minced clams, frying clams, hard shell clams and our fresh lobster meat.

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Ellsworth Office

Maine Shellfish Company, Inc.
95 Water Street
Ellsworth, Maine 04605

Phone: 207.667.5336
Toll free: 800.666.5336
Fax: 207.667.6275
P.O. Box 397 Ellsworth, ME 04605