Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries

Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries is a non-profit organization that works to secure a diversified fishing future for the communities of Eastern Maine and beyond. We do this by developing and implementing innovative programs that provide value for today’s fishermen and drive more sustainable management approaches for future fisheries. An essential component of our work is connecting the knowledge of fishermen, the findings of scientists, and the world of policy makers.

At Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries, we do all we can to create and maintain a sustainable, healthy, and diversified fishing industry for Maine. We work to ensure continued access to fisheries, to benefit the communities that rely on them, while providing support and education for the fisheries’ leaders of today and tomorrow.

We welcome you to visit our Stonington office, which includes Discovery Wharf, a free marine center that is open to the public from May – October.
13 Atlantic Avenue, Stonington, ME, USA