Families First Community Center

Families First Community Center seeks to break the cycle of homelessness by equipping families with minor children the skills they need to gain self-sufficiency. FFCC has both residential and outreach programs to anyone in Hancock County. Clients can work on their life plan up to 40+ hours per week. They can also have access to case management, VIFS (Volunteers in Family Service, I.E. mentors), our on-site classes, and referrals to our 60+ partner agencies.

Life plans included the four categories of education and job skills, medical and therapeutic, safety and stability, and life skills. We are currently renovating our facility to include 6 small apartments, common spaces, office space, classroom, and a daycare. We are always looking for volunteers for a variety of reasons.

How We Will Serve Families

Education & Job Skills
• HiSET and Adult Education classes
• Vocational/technical training
• Higher Education, including help applying for scholarships
• Tutoring for adults and children
• Constructive use of time. Each adult must be occupied 40 hrs/week. It will be a combination of education, work, therapies, and volunteerism. Children will volunteer, according to their individual interests.
• Montessori approach to on site pre-school and daycare
• Access vouchers for summer camps and after school programs for children

Medical & Therapeutic
• Regular well check ups
• Optical and dental care
• Physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy
• Mental health treatment - diagnosis, therapy, and medication management
• Drug and alcohol treatment – Clients with substance abuse issues will be required to do a combination of the following: out-patient treatment, a 12-step program, and random drug testing
• Help obtaining healthcare coverage
• Advocate for adults and children with disabilities
• Creative therapies

Safety & Stability
• Case management to formulate and ensure success with the family’s transition plan
• Volunteers in Family Service [VIFS] to help residents succeed in their goals
• Domestic violence, crisis, and co-dependency prevention
• Substance abuse prevention and smoking cessation
• Sexual responsibility education
• Assistance with procuring housing and transportation

Life Skills
• Instructions on how to maintain housing by being a respectful tenant, neighbor & community member.
• Job Coaching – interviewing, resume writing, job search skills, professional presentation and attire, job responsibility education
• Interpersonal skill building – communication, conflict resolution, healthy relationships, self-esteem and self-assertiveness training
• Housekeeping skills
• Grocery Shopping, Nutrition (including Gardening) and Cooking
• Personal Finance/Budgeting
• Parenting Classes (including how to find and keep reliable child care)
• Help obtaining a Maine Driver’s License


Families First needs volunteers!  For more information please check out our website https://familiesfirstellsworth.org/volunteers
41 North Street, Ellsworth, ME, USA