DGC Architects

DGC Architects, also known as Design Group Collaborative, formed in 2005, and locates on 40 Church Street in Ellsworth. DGC is a full service architectural firm spearheaded by architect and principal Carla Haskell, a Maine Licensed architect /LEED accredited professional.

Design Group Collaborative  conducts all levels of a project, with residential, commercial, municipal and institutional clients from concept design to construction administration.  The success of the firm has stemmed out of their business philosophy and engagement with clients.  Listening with an ear to answering questions like:

What is it that the business wants to convey through its setting?
How do they want people to feel when they visit?
How will our design fit into the landscape of this business or this family?

Each project is approached as an empty slate ready for the thoughts and ideas of their clients and team.  Creating awareness that great spaces impact all of our senses guides their work.  Bringing a sense of nature and the outside environment is an integral part of DGC designs. In addition to all aspects of the design, they are available to assist clients with cost estimates and fundraising for their projects.

The team finds community projects rewarding.  The list of local community projects is lengthy.  Among them are The Grand’s Marquee, Northeast Harbor Waterfront Improvements, Mt. Desert Town Office & Public Works Building, Bar Harbor Port Security Building, Bar Harbor Congregational Church, and the EMMC Family Practice at a former Rite Aid in Hampden.   Commercial projects include Shinbashi Restaurant in Ellsworth that wows diners since it opened in 2011.  One definitely feels transported by its chic urban style.   DGC institutional projects include many projects with The Jackson Laboratory including $8.7 million dollar Renovations to Snell building, biosafety level three (BSL3 ) Building 56 Repository, Main Entrance design,  and Renovations to the High Seas Mansion.

DGC is located  newly refurbished space in the heart of Ellsworth In what many locals know as the Stratton family home on Church Street. Carla Haskell and her team at DGC Architects, working with Eden Builders, created a beautiful and functional studio space for the business. The renovation of the carriage house includes energy efficient improvements such as super insulating the walls and roof, triple glazed windows, air to air heat exchangers, and LED and florescent lighting blended with a contemporary interior design.

40 Church Street, Suite A, Ellsworth, ME, United States