Dave’s World

Are energy efficient heat pumps on your mind? Are you looking for ways to increase yours home's efficiency and year-round comfort? Are you looking for quality products from a reputable dealer?

At Dave's World, Maine's leader in heat pumps, we offer custom solutions for your modern energy needs. Dave's World has what you need to make your home or office comfortable and cost efficient.

We take pride in our variety of selection for you to choose from and our professionals who can inform you to make the best decision that's best for you, your family, your home or business, and your wallet. We offer exclusive offers for our heat pump selection, installation and service as well as energy audits to get the most efficient and impactful bang for your buck. We have the best products with the best service and do so while having the ability to deliver state-wide.
42 Downeast Hwy, Ellsworth, ME, USA