bbd marketing llc

35 plus years ago, I fell into the sales side of the TV business by accident, after stumbling around from Boston to Portland, Maine, with a degree in Public Management from the University of Maine.  I believe I found my calling!  I'm a people person with sales in my blood...and a serial shopper!  I have a mind that's always buzzing with ideas and ways to creatively help businesses sell their products and services.  I'm a stickler for proper grammar and punctuation and have written hundreds of commercials, social media posts, and also websites.  After 31 years with local TV stations, in 2015, I decided to chase my dream and opened my own marketing agency.  Everyday is another fun adventure! After years of working for a big corporation, I now surround myself with good people who appreciate my experience, the quality of work that my team pumps out, and our craziness.  Simply put, we love helping small businesses get results from their local advertising efforts.  Everyday, we encounter new challenges and we get really excited when we hit it out of the park!  Our motto - If you can't have fun doing it, why do it?


Barb Brown Dalton - Top Dog/President

Angela Smith - Creative Content Director/Graphic Designer

Steve Vachon - Freelance Videographer/Husson University Faculty

Dave Gordon - Freelance Videographer/Video Editor/Dave Gordon Media

21 Black Bear Drive Veazie, ME 04401