At the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce, we take great pride in our community initiatives. Our Chamber proudly collaborates with the town government, fostering a dynamic partnership aimed at enhancing our community’s growth and prosperity. This partnership includes proactive efforts to spread the word about important initiatives, such as the search for a new town manager. The Chamber President and other dedicated Board Members play pivotal roles in spearheading the selection process, ensuring that Ellsworth attracts talented leaders who share our vision for the town’s future.

Our close relationship with city government underscores the positive impact the Chamber has on shaping local policies, economic development, and quality of life for residents. Together, we work in harmony with the town’s Comprehensive Plan, aligning our goals and strategies to create a vibrant, forward-thinking community that thrives as a place to live, work, and explore. This collaborative spirit not only benefits our members but also contributes to Ellsworth’s long-term success.

The Chamber is also involved in:

Leadership Hancock County

Leadership Hancock County is a flagship initiative aimed at developing and nurturing community leadership. Participants in this program engage in activities designed to enhance leadership skills, foster a deeper understanding of the county, and promote networking among community leaders. By participating in Leadership Hancock County, individuals gain valuable insights into local issues, become more effective leaders, and work together to drive positive change within our community. This initiative is instrumental in shaping future leaders who are committed to the well-being and growth of our town.

Maine Economic Research Institute

The Maine Economic Research Institute is at the forefront of economic development and research in our region. By conducting in-depth studies and providing valuable data, the institute is instrumental in shaping the economic future of Ellsworth and surrounding areas. Their research fuels informed decision-making by both businesses and local government, ultimately contributing to the overall prosperity of our town. With initiatives like these, Ellsworth is committed to fostering economic growth and leadership development, ensuring a vibrant future for our community.

Leadership Hancock County and the Maine Economic Research Institute are just two of the many programs dedicated to fostering leadership, innovation, and sustainable growth in Ellsworth. These initiatives reflect our commitment to building a prosperous future for our town and the people who call it home.

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