Live Here

When you make Ellsworth your home, you embrace a lifestyle that balances modern convenience with the tranquility of nature. Our town offers easy access to the wonders of Acadia National Park and an endless selection of outdoor recreational opportunities. The proximity to hiking trails, kayaking, and scenic beaches means you’re never far from an escape into nature.

In Ellsworth, you’ll also find a close-knit community that supports local businesses and participates in community events, ensuring that you’re always part of something special. From farmers’ markets to art festivals and concerts in the park, Ellsworth offers a wealth of community activities that foster a strong sense of belonging. The charming downtown area is a testament to this community spirit, with its local shops and cozy cafes. Living here, you’ll discover a welcoming environment that strikes the perfect balance between a peaceful home and an engaged community.

Ellsworth is a place where natural beauty meets a welcoming community. Enjoy a high quality of life where residents savor the perfect balance of small-town charm and modern amenities. Join our community and experience the joys of life in Ellsworth.